Holiday Banner Ads

A series of banner ads for Discover Card Cash Back Bonus holiday push. This campaign leveraged the look of Discover Card and focused on a younger online shopper. The banner ads tell quick simple stories to help engage interest.

Islands of Adventure

Discover Card was a sponsor of Universal Studios Island of Adventure. This campaign was developed to give Discover Card awareness in key areas of the theme park and at levels allowed within Universal co-marketing guidelines. Shown are Table tents, Buttons, Mouse Pad, Claw Pencil, Theme Park Keyosk and Guest Check carrier.

Mixed Bag

The first ad was created for Discover Global Network. The ad campaign featured a create your own customizable Discover Card gift card using your own picture. To highlight this, we depicted just how creative one can be in creating material.

The second ad is an exploration of targeting a younger demographic highlighting the individuality of cardmember uses.

A mix of themed badges for Discover Card internal marketing programs.