Gain the benefits of good brand design at any level.

The though of re-branding your company can be a daunting and overwhelming prospect. It’s why most companies just live with poor or outdated brand standards.

But when you don’t produce consistent messaging, you fail to build effective brand equity, and you fail to truly differentiate your company. In other words, customers don’t remember you and you just become part of the blur. Poor branding erodes those key elements that are at the core of your company’s success.

So, how do you go about branding or re-branding without wasting time, money and effort?

Eric has a tiered solution and a process for each so you can gain the benefits of good branding quickly. He’s made it easy to get started and fix what needs fixing. Each tier walks you through a proven process and each ends with well documented standards to guide your branding efforts.

You may just need a logo, or you may need a full out brand standards guide for international distribution. Choose only what you need, you can build on your brand documentation over time. Each tier is well documented in a standards guide so your organization has a roadmap to create well branded materials on their own.

I work with:

Directors of Marketing in companies who need additional creative leadership to develop effective marketing materials.

Brand Managers who need a creative source to deliver professional results withing their program budgets.

Marketing Consultants and their clients to develop Marketing Strategies into executable brand realities.

Owners of companies and businesses who need to brand or re-brand products, services and sometimes their entire company.

Agencies who need top level thinking and expertise in specific segments.

When it comes to creative work, too many cooks spoil the broth. In fact in nearly every example of truly ground breaking creative work, in music, writing, movie scripts etc, the vision is in the minds and hands of a few talented players. For Eric, working in a small group frees him to concentrate on the best solutions.

Working in small teams also gives him the unique opportunity to meld with his clients on a more personal level. I allows the group to more easily shed the formal roles of agency/client and become true colleagues working on a marketing problem together. Sometimes Eric is brought on for one project. Sometimes he act as his client’s creative department. Other times he is used as a trusted consultant. But no matter the way, Eric’s clients have found it refreshing to work with talent that’s fast, nimble and able to solve their tough assignments with experience.

Eric has deep and diverse experience, lots of it, in all kinds of business disciplines. He can quickly assess the right path for your marketing success based on his accumulated eclectic knowledge. As a partner, he’ll help you discover the true need and the road to its solution. He’s been around long enough to know what questions to ask, and what road not to take. This saves time and money in ways that his clients see as a refreshing change from how they have done business in the past.

Eric has more than 20 years of advertising and design experience creating successful marketing efforts for many fortune 500 companies. He has been a VP Creative Director in some of Chicago’s great shops, including Digitas and Townsend Agency (now part of Aspen Marketing)

At Digitas he was the creative lead behind the first agent web site for Allstate, still considered a benchmark in the industry. He’s also led the creative work for Grainger, Bayliner, and Maxum Boats.

At Townsend, he led creative efforts on accounts including Discover Card, Ameritech, Schwab, Heller Financial, Sears, Web Street, and Media One.

He worked for Smith Lask Associates on the launch of the first Discover Card and started his career at McKnight Design (Now McKnight Kurland Baccelli).

Eric is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in graphic design. He’s won numerous creative awards throughout his career, including multiple CADM Tempos, DMA Echos and Mobius Awards. He is also a long-standing member of AIGA Chicago and continues to participate in many other online business groups.

Eric can’t always do it everything himself. He pulls in the talent of friends to help him deliver great work. Think Avengers, all highly skilled, each having a unique specialty and talent they bring to the table. This extended group allows Eric to combine skills in an infinite number of ways to target client problems and needs. Although all independent, most of Eric’s extended team have worked together for years. Each assignment determines who is brought in to create the perfect team for his client’s needs. The skill sets are numerous, from top advertising writers and designers, marketing strategists, account managers and production specialists to web developers, SEO marketers and UI experts. Trusted photographers, illustrators and videographers round out our extended group. This collaboration works well for everyone. It’s the people power of an Agency without the time robbing procedures and mind numbing layers of an agency. All are top talented players who know our stuff and share the common work ethic it takes to do great creative work.

The Work


We Design

A team of creative professionals ready to roll. Design is the core of what we are about. Its our love for good design that gives us the excitement to solve our client’s marketing problems. We know the power of design, and we love showing our clients how we can use it for them.

We Consult

Solid creative vision your team can execute on. Not everyone needs the full complement of creative services. Sometimes all you need is solid and experienced guidance. Whether its defining a creative strategy, developing brand vision or setting creative direction for your internal team, We can help.

We Discover

Uncovering insights that build solid brands We look at the market, your competition, your customers and find hidden insights that lead to breakthrough solutions for your brand. We find the common thread that runs through everything you do and leverage it to make a cohesive statement.

We Manage

We’ll create and manage your online and offline presence. You can’t get to pay dirt without having a well managed plan. We make sure we have the management processes in place to ensure we’re as efficient as possible, on time, and make the creative process an enjoyable one for everybody.

We Nurture

Our client’s companies grow and mature with us.  We grow to fully understand their customers and how to use our talents to build their business in exciting ways. We care about our clients success and love that what we do for them helps them reach their full potential and connect with their customers

We Care

Small teams with one on one client liasions. We have a personal stake in everything we do for our clients. We’re about working together to solve problems and help them be their best


“Eric is not only a fabulous designer, but he thinks strategically on how a client should potentially address an issue or launch a new product. He’s great to work with, very personable and always gets the job done on time and within budget. I highly recommend Eric for any creative project/job.”

Howie Schnuer, VP Marketing Grainger 2001

“I worked with Eric on a number of different projects some very intensive in time and detail. He never wavered in his commitment to getting the job done, on time and in budget, but best of all he did it with a calming and professional attitude.”

Kraig Devenport, Creative Director US Marine 2004

“Eric was my creative right hand. Always extremely creative, highly organized and prompt. The work is top notch! As a result of our collaboration, we were able to make Beanpod Candles the number 2 candle brand in less than 3 years! I confidently recommend Britton Design to any organization. Eric is a true professional and

Peggy Stover, Director of Marketing & Sales Soy Basics, LLC (subs. of SC Johnson Wax)

I worked with Eric for more than 10 years at Townsend. He had a singular commitment to producing truly creative, high quality work. His work not only won a number of creative awards, but, more importantly, helped gain and retain numerous Townsend clients. As our Creative Director, he applied his commitment to producing exceptional creative

David Ives, Owner/President Townsend Agency

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